Magnetic color dry wipe film, infuse life with a little profusion

- Aug 20, 2018-

Unchanging and ordinary life, running about for life and work, going out early and coming back late every day, staying in a small house, the world seems to have lost color in an instant. To a magnetic color writing board, to metope transformation, days no longer only monotonous dull black and white, not bright that is dark.

Traditional writing board, most is black with white tonal, the life of contemporary urbanite has higher level pursuit to the life, onefold color is met again how is the life demand that we changeful again?


I like black and I also love white. When the two are intertwined, another mysterious and sacred color comes out, which makes the magnetic grey board, faint industrial wind and brings a little transition. Gray magnetic blackboard also can give a person the environment atmosphere of a quiet precipitation, not too abrupt, reveal grade again. Magnetic ash board even if is spread the wall of whole space also won't overmuch, light tonal, write a small poem on above, let literature and art permeate into the life; Make a clear memo to remind yourself of the important and forgotten to-do list. Set a little calendar to keep your life organized. A delicate sketch brings a vividness to the wall. The smooth brushwork and clean writing experience are also in line with the environmental protection concept of the new era home, and more suitable for people who pursue quality life. When you live alone, let it show you the beauty of life and record it.

Not only is the low-key calm gray magnetic blackboard, want to show the color of individual character more, still have magnetic yellow blackboard, bright north Europe wind, intense colour collision, raise the colour of life. The magnetic yellow chalkboard is like a bright light in plain life, entering your dull and lazy life and bringing you some changes from the past.

Magnetic color writing board brings a small surprise in life. It can realize creative writing, three-dimensional decoration and personalized customization. Can dress up household environment according to oneself be fond of, it is the small happiness in the life.