Magnetic children's graffiti wallpaper

- Jan 08, 2019-

More and more parents want to buy magnetic children's graffiti wallpaper, choose to choose to do not dare to start.

If you want to ask me NEWLIFE's magnetic wallpaper? This is my answer: NEWLIFE focuses on products, CARES about life, and CARES more about you. Its products include the multi-type magnetic wall stickers and tablet, etc., provide custom design of magnetic metope, delivery and after-sale protection, measurement, installation also offers online patience careful consultation service, the convenient and quick way to give consumers more information about the product, if encounter some about the size, color and installation specific problems, such as the operation can be detailed answers from online customer service, let the person felt relieved.


Is NEWLIFE's magnetic wallpaper environmentally friendly? NEWLIFE provides a new and more interesting way of using walls through the combined application of new magnetic materials, bringing innovative wall design solutions and user experience with both flexibility and practicality to consumers. Raw materials in line with the eu environmental requirements, the firm implementation of green, environmental protection, health corporate philosophy. Not only is the selection of raw materials to follow the concept of green environmental protection, it also put these ideas in the use of the process. Magnetic wallpaper can reduce the use of chemical paint, reduce air pollution; And repeated erasing, save paper; Writing wipe will not produce dust, remove cleaning trouble.