Magnetic children's blackboard, your requirement, my profession

- May 09, 2018-

If you're a mother, your baby's imagination breaks down. So NEWLIFE's magnetic children's blackboard can help you. Children's soft blackboard material production USES recyclable fiber, with strict environmental standards, no benzene, no formaldehyde. The effective magnetic absorption distance is very small, which has no adverse effect on human body and equipment. Magnetic children's blackboard, environmental protection, health, green.


If you are a teacher, chalk dust and writing often make you feel powerless. So NEWLIFE's magnetic teaching board can help you. On the back of the magnetic creative blackboard, 3M magnetic adhesive is used to guarantee the adsorption capacity of the magnetic blackboard and the wall. In the middle of the high density iron layer, ensure that the surface and the magnetic base of the endurance adsorption, not bubbling. The front is specially treated with resin film to ensure the fluency of writing. Use water-soluble chalk to avoid dust inhalation. Magnetic teaching blackboard, healthier and more durable.

If you're an office staff, you'll often be bored by your day-to-day work and the bland white walls of your home. So NEWLIFE's magnetic creative blackboard can help you. NEWLIFE adopts digital cutting technology, which can be used for arbitrary cutting of the magnetic creative blackboard, which can be applied to the walls of your various sizes. Installation is a simple four-step process. Put a magnetic creative blackboard in the kitchen, jot down a few delicious recipes and pamper yourself and your family's taste buds on the weekend. Put a magnetic creative blackboard on the white wall of the living room, with a magnetic picture frame and a magnetic shelf, put some small things on the wall.