magnetic children blackboard, early education small magic weapon

- Sep 03, 2018-

Magnetic painting is a way for children to express their inner thoughts outwards with a kind of spiritual language. Through painting, adults can have a subtle understanding of children's inner thoughts, and exercise children's ability to write and draw, which also has an incentive effect on children's growth. But, encourage a child to draw and write creation, also want to have appropriate place and way, had a magnetic children blackboard, it is the small magic weapon that realizes early education.

Family blackboard walls can be used as a magic weapon to foster children's learning ability. First, let the child develop a good habit, create a fixed doodle ground, make him use it regularly, the force of habit plays a role in the child's growth to some extent. Children's blackboard can be used for children to set reading corner and writing graffiti area, but also can show children's small works, to increase the home warm feeling.

The Rull up magnetic chalkboard of NEWLIFE is simple and can be used as the display background of the living room and graffiti at the same time. It changes with the mood and brings a variety of changes.


Not just in the sitting room wall board set family, in the child's room, also can decorate, put a soft magnetic blackboard, gray blackboard custom, even without the white walls of large area, can also be attached to the children room or closet door after door, save a space, to teach children to read to count, let his eyes can see every day, influenced by long-term environment atmosphere, to cultivate children loves drawing 'interest, improve his aesthetic sense of touch.


The grey magnetic blackboard can be customized without the influence of the height and shape of the wall. It can be attached to the wall or other Spaces according to the actual situation. The shape and size can be cut out. Children's blackboard shape can be cut, small house shape, star shape, hexagon... Love how all follow you, let it become the creative adornment of the home, stick it on partition board, old furniture, still can have the effect that renovates furniture, have individual character and fresh.

Magnetic children's blackboard, early education small magic weapon, to cultivate children's interest from childhood.