Magnetic chalkboard wall, develop the new features of the wall

- Apr 16, 2018-

Walls have different functions on different occasions. It can be a load-bearing wall, it can be a wall to withstand the wind and rain, or it can be a wall full of appreciation. The key is how we use the wall. Magnetic blackboard wall, the development of a variety of new functions.

Magnetic blackboard wall, as the name implies, first has the function of blackboard, its surface is a layer of writing film, can match the magnetic good home water soluble writing brush, achieve the purpose of dustproof writing. In order to achieve the best effect and experience of writing, magnetic magnetic blackboard good home wall using the resin from Japan PP membrane, this kind of dumb face scrub the blackboard to use very fluent, lightsome and effortlessly. Magnetism is the fixed way of the blackboard. Unlike the traditional blackboard, magnetic blackboard is through the magnet adsorption function to achieve the effect of fixed, therefore not foaming, can perfect adsorption in the five years of time, maintain smooth stick take form.


At the same time, the bottom layer of the magnetic chalkboard is a pure natural rubber magnetic bottom with magnetic properties. Apart from being able to use the high density iron rubber layer as a writing board, it can also absorb the magnetic bearing frame and have the bearing capacity. This magnetic load-bearing function opens up another function of the wall -- decoration. The magnetic bearing frame model of magnetic good house is fashionable and beautiful, can be firmly attached to the magnetic wall, it can place green planting and other decorations, to add some life to life. It can also be used as a magnetic photo wall, with all kinds of hardcover art photos already out of date, and people now prefer a picture wall with a life breath. This kind of magnetic soft chalkboard with magnetic good house magnetic picture frame, people can be updated to the photo wall at any time, let the life full of family care and love.


Magnetic blackboard wall, developed a variety of new functions of wall. There is no lack of fun in life. It is in the eyes we find. The DIY magnetic writing wall not only can satisfy the office demand, but also can bring a variety of fun to our life, quickly go to see your wall has what new functions!