Magnetic chalkboard wall

- Jan 28, 2019-

I stumbled upon the magnetic chalkboard wall, a slightly new product of technology and aesthetics that I wanted to bring home. The packaging is tight and the wallpaper is shipped in rolls and drums. This has the advantage that there will be no wrinkles after Posting. This packaging is perfect.

I had consulted a few basic problems online, understand to suit us very much actually magnetic chalkboard lives in decorate idiocy, like the person that oneself begin again, buy come back oneself assemble not difficult, 32 effort can be done. And still can do modelling of blackboard wall, not onefold square founder, still can do hut model, sweet feeling explodes.


After the magnetic base is installed, the wall film is then attached. Action notices a bit bit, won't produce bubble, after sticking good, metope is very level off smooth, look very comfortable, blackish green protects eyesight, restore ancient ways composed, also won't appear abrupt in whole space.


Once you've finished the basic work, you'll be able to write and draw on this magnetic chalkboard. You'll also be able to use small magnets and fridge stickers.