Magnetic blackboard wall, show your power

- Sep 02, 2019-

How does the enterprise blackboard wall play to the new height? For the general enterprise, the office display board is just a simple decoration, do not seek to shine, but can cope with the leadership. For enterprises pursuing new things, magnetic blackboard wall can bring different experience and create different corporate culture atmosphere. Guangdong Dr. Le education equipment co., LTD., which has a high acceptance of novel things, recently installed a magnetic writing board in the office as an exhibition board to experience the fun of magnetic wall. Through the creative processing of employees, the internal culture of the enterprise will be integrated into the blackboard wall of the enterprise. If you have power, show it.


Magnetic blackboard, as the name implies, can be written at will. The surface is covered with a smooth writing coating to ensure smooth writing and complete writing. Whether it is to do a work report or blackboard wall newspaper, can be easily completed. Blackboard partner how can the dust-free chalk with little color? Colorful colors, more brilliant on the magnetic blackboard wall, help employees DIY construction of the enterprise "web celebrity" clocking point, attract more employees to participate automatically, do not participate in the company "group construction", employees can also unite as one. The thoughtful chalk design not only has the protection of pen holder, but also adopts water-soluble formula to reduce indoor dust pollution and take care of employees' health.

Enterprise blackboard wall needs to be changed regularly theme, writing layer color can be changed according to needs, only need to re-customize the surface layer, replacement convenient, with a magnetic bottom more durable. Double layer structure adsorption, easy installation process, no need to labor, two little girls can do.

Magnetic technology is more and more widely used, magnetic blackboard wall will enter more and more enterprises, help them better and faster show their corporate culture. Have actual strength to want show to come out of course, magnetic blackboard wall, try it!