Magnetic blackboard, the new choice of wall decoration

- Jun 22, 2018-

Most people paint their walls white or put on cookie-cutter wallpaper. Such walls look rather old-fashioned. Might as well install a magnetic blackboard to stick, become you dress up the new choice of metope! Using magnetic blackboard stickers instead of wallpaper, you can affix DIY graffiti on the blackboard wall to satisfy the writing of free personality and increase the space practical area. Free to change, easy to load and unload, suitable for a variety of decoration styles.


Black is dark, white is clean. Both are extreme, and magnetic blackboard film in the color of choice will certainly not be so simple. When black and white interweave, another kind of gentle and quiet color - gray. Magnetic grey board is the existence of such a gentle and elegant, give your household adds a harmonious stable tonal, make use of the quality of much a calm, dissension in the person of your life.

Magnetic blackboard and common blackboard is different, not only has the general function of blackboard writing, and cooperate with the dry use of environmental protection, can greatly improve the safety and environmental protection, prevent dust generation. It can also the be fond of according to oneself, to custom size, shape, size can be arbitrarily set, is not necessarily polite of square, rectangle, can also be the house type blackboard post. The design with diverse lines and clear edges gives you more freedom to give full play and create your own individual creative space, so easy!

Magnetic chalkboard is more expansive than wall paper and wall because it has magnetic adsorption. Clever use rises, can have adornment function already, also can increase the practical that receives, kill two birds with one stone. It can be used in combination with a variety of magnetic storage shelves, the soft magnetic adsorption capacity is moderate, it is not easy to generate too strong adsorption resulting in injury. Write and draw, besmear stick, will interesting card, magnet decorations use, one side individual character magnetic wall did not need a few minutes to be born, get rid of heavy and complicated working procedure, oneself begin easily can complete.

Don't hesitate, the house is so expensive, magnetic blackboard stickers, is your new choice of wall decoration.