Magnetic blackboard paste, home decoration shop decoration is always appropriate

- Sep 12, 2018-

In many literary and artistic scenes, we will see the figure of creative blackboard. May be a vertical frame of the blackboard, written today's hot list, hot recommend all kinds of good things; Maybe it is an artistic blackboard wall, which can record the story about the space through the temperature of the pen tip, which is full of the memory of the host and the beauty that he wants to share.

The magnetic blackboard of "NEWLIFE" is a combination of new materials and traditional ones. Magnetic chalkboard material installation is very simple, double-layer collage structure, magnetic adsorption, easy to change, no glue and nail, will not damage the original wall structure, also easy to replace. The magnetic creative blackboard USES the environmental protection writing pen, does not produce the dust, also reduces the clean burden, and is harmless to the human body, thoughtfulness caresses your body health.


Creative chalkboard application in home and shop decoration are very colorful. The adornment chalkboard wall of porch place is good with memorandum, need not worry to leave what thing when go out any more; Creative blackboard stickers are installed on the background walls of the dining room, which can be added with storage devices such as partitions. Moreover, the paintbrush can be used to doodle freely, and the beautiful background wall decoration makes dining time more fun. The free clip nature of magnetic blackboard material pledges, can be installed in the sitting room or children room the wall that ADAPTS to child height sticks, let the child can satisfy the desire of doodling at any time, need not worry about domestic furniture to be doodled again.

In a small shop you can not only sell merchandise, you can also sell feelings. Is the interior too Spartan? Don't worry, a chalkboard wall can instantly ignite the charm of space. All sorts of design, can appear in any one side wall, to the design of the dull, add change, black and white collocation, classic and fashion, a few small shopkeepers idea, write favorite motto, draw a brief strokes, and even provide some brush guests to leave a message to the shop, a small wall become a charming interactive space.