Magnetic blackboard, home education good helper

- Aug 02, 2018-

As a housewife, I can teach my child some knowledge at this stage. So I decided to set up a special "family education course" at home to cultivate his interest in learning from now on. When it comes to teaching, the most important thing is to have a blackboard. I don't like children learning on the ipad or computer screen all day.Through a friend's introduction, I decided to buy a magnetic blackboard which can save space.


Search online, check relevant information, determine the size with the seller, place an order to pay, but a few days, I was thinking of the magnetic blackboard sent. The child ran up to me and asked me curiously what I was. I told him that it was a teaching blackboard. Open the outer package, touch the material of this children's blackboard, let me feel very relieved, there is no smell, the good quality can be seen by the naked eye. The installation was also very convenient. I took a few simple steps alone, and it took me about an hour and a half to install the children's blackboard, and it was very strong.

After the installation of the night, I and the children sat in front of the blackboard "teaching" began my lecture, I can write simple Numbers with chalk on the above taught him to count, but can be by drawing some simple design to teach him some small life common sense, also can stick the letters or all sorts of shape design of refrigerator stickers on recreation, in addition to class time, children also like in the magnetic blackboard drawing above, in the above flying his powerful and unconstrained style of strange ideas.

Of course, it's not just a "teaching board," but you can use it as a magnetic mount. Because have magnetic characteristic, can stick the design of a few have the design that buy a thing to absorb above board, put on a few lighter goods above again, played the role that buy a thing not only, still let whole magnetic blackboard appear more stereo vivid, added a few minutes aesthetic feeling.

Thanks to this magnetic blackboard, let me and the children find a piece of our own learning space at home.