Magnetic blackboard - a good helper for children

- Aug 16, 2018-

At first, when we were decorating, we only considered how much space we should leave for children to play. Only when a friendly reminder from a friend suddenly dawned on me that the oldest child had reached the age when he was ready to go to primary school. As a parent, he should start learning together with him. Therefore, I started to select a magnetic blackboard on the Internet based on my friends' Suggestions. What impressed me most was that this creative little blackboard could be directly attached to the wall without taking up the originally limited space. After several days of careful shopping, I finally chose the product "NEWLIFE" which can be customized freely according to the wall size.


After several days of waiting, the magnetic blackboard paste is finally arrived. Opening the package surprised me because the creative chalkboard didn't smell of discomfort, which made a very good first impression on me. The installation is also very simple. It took my husband and I about an hour to finish the installation of this magnetic blackboard, which was very firm and the effect was excellent.

Finally came the day of the new home, the children got into the house on the magnetic blackboard very interested, beside the blackboard drawing, all day in the play of his own "passion", to me, this is a real worry, feel the magnetic blackboard virtually playing the roles of "nanny" my house, I don't have to follow him all the time like at home before running around in the house. Of course, I don't have to worry about the harm of dust to children, because the chalk on the magnetic chalkboard is special and will not drop dust. Just wipe it with a wet towel. Because the chalkboard is magnetic, the child can also attach magnetic ornaments to it, making his paintings more vivid.