Is it true that magnetic materials can promote energy conversion?

- Apr 30, 2019-

What is the relationship between magnetic materials and energy conversion? Maybe you can think of Faraday electromagnetic induction. NASA LABS recently implemented custom manufacturing of magnetic materials. It is worth further investigation how much the magnetic materials can promote the evolution of energy conversion if they are applied to power generation and energy conversion.

Electric cars, an online survey of more than 13 million data points, seems to have everyone talking about the trend, including NASA.

"As the U.S. and the world move away from fossil fuels and toward new forms of renewable energy, such as solar cells and electric vehicles, energy efficiency will become a major research area," said Randy Bowman, director of the advanced magnetic materials fabrication and characterization laboratory at NASA's Glenn research center.

The application of magnetic material will not stopping with electric aircraft. According to Bowman, a research team is testing the properties of such magnetic alloys. Using magnetic alloy materials to convert the electricity generated by solar cells into another form of energy, it can be smoothly incorporated into the national grid system, and the power is stable and easy to manage.

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NASA's Magnetic Materials Lab Moves Evolution of Energy Conversion Forward