Introduction of Flexible NdFeB

- Dec 26, 2020-

The flexible NdFeB magnet is a kind of flexible magnet based on microcrystalline NdFeB grinding powder and polymer. Its microcrystalline magnetic particles lead to high magnetic properties, and artificial rubber makes it flexible.


Property of Flexible NdFeB

So far, it is the strongest isotropic Flexible Magnet in the world. Its maximum magnetic energy product has been developed to 90KJ/m3 (11.25MGOe), which is 5 times that of Flexible Ferrite Magnet and close to that of moulded Ndfeb. The range of magnetic energy in industrial mass production is from 16 to 68KJ/m3 (2.0 ~ 8.5mGOe).

Due to its excellent flexibility, it can be assembled more quickly than molded NdFeb magnets.

Applications of Flexible NdFeB

Sensors in mobile phone rotation keys, wireless mouse and anti-theft protector; Cash registers, portable DVDS, servo-system fans, miniature motors in laptops. Flat speakers in television and stereo devices; Strong magnetic stickers.


No mold, shorten product development and production cycle.

Working temperature: -40℃~120℃

It can be made into different shapes: long, thin, ring, adsorption disc, large sheet, etc.

Magnetic properties