install guide of 2 layers structure magnetic whiteboard

- Jul 08, 2019-

  1. What is the key point to install the double-layer  magnetic whiteboard?

Each piece of magnetic base sheet should be spaced about 1mm apart, so that they are not next to each other.

2, How to put a magnetic base sheet on the wall?

The back side of the magnetic base sheet is self-adhesive, tear off the linner and put it on the wall directly.

3. What are the main applications of double-layer magnetic whiteboard?

Surface of ceramic tile, smooth woodiness, smooth emulsioni paint metope, level off smooth wall paper, the metallic surface such as the glass that does not touch ash, refrigerator.

How to Install the 2 layers magnetic whiteboard:

Step 1: clean the wall. Clean the installation wall first, and then use a shovel to remove the raised part.

The 2nd pace: position dimension, measure the metope that should stick well with ruler and make mark with pen.

Step 3: tear off the release paper along the horizontal line and begin to paste the magneto self-adhesive flexible iron sheet.

Step 4: install the flexible iron sheet in the upper left corner one by one (note: there is a contraction seam of about 1mm around each piece of soft iron sheet during installation to avoid overlap).

Step 5: take out the magnetic whiteboard film from the tube and slowly unfold it against the side of the flexible iron sheet to complete the installation of  magnetic whiteboard.

Step 6: use it attach magnetic accessories.