Install a Magnetic white board at home

- Jun 19, 2018-

As A child, I had the same life every day. At that time, I thought doraemon's magic pocket was especially magical. It was my spiritual companion when I was young. Now that I am A mother, I wish I could be my child's doraemon. From babbling to babbling, I've spent a lot of time with my son. Now that he has reached the learning stage, I promised him that I would give him a great surprise. On my child's fifth birthday, I installed a magnetic whiteboard at home and told him it had magical powers.


Red orange yellow green blue purple, warm red letters, gentle pink Numbers, confident blue symbols. All of them give my son a surprise. His motivation for learning is improved instantly. His thoughts continue to fly in the sky.

Watching the child concentrate on learning in front of the home teaching whiteboard, playing with various magnetic stickers, studying various small knowledge, ABCDEFG,1234567 I said that I would be your doraemon, as long as you like, I can be out of the magic pocket for you, as long as you need, I will be with you forever. The magnetic white board of NEWLIFE is one of the magic in my pocket, which gives you the motivation to learn and accompanies you to grow up.