Injection Molded Magnets

- Aug 12, 2019-

Product Description

Injection molded magnets are available using ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron, or blends of magnetic materials to achieve an extensive range of properties. Binder types include Nylon 6 and 12, PPS, and Polyamide. The binders and magnetic alloys are capable of a wide range of application temperatures from below -40° C to above 180° C.

The Injection molding process is particularly well suited to molding very intricate shapes and thin walled parts. The finished parts can be either very simple or complex in geometry.

1) Made by mixing ferrite magnetic powder with synthetic rubber or plastic, injection or press modeling.
2) Excellent plasticity which can be easily punched, cut or press into various complex shapes.
3) Excellent flexibility which can be easily folded, twisted without damaging its magnetic properties.
4) Good embellishment property, can print color image on it.
5) Demagnetization resistance capability.
6) High corrosion resistance capability.

1. Material: Polymer Material as adhesion agent, mixing ferrite powder
2. Shape and size: Customized
3. Grade: Various grade material
4. Application: Permanent magnetism DC machine, magnetic stepping motor, control motor, meter motor, air-conditioner fan electromotor, printer magnetic roller, printer, decoder, coder, etc.
5. Short lead time
6. High quality and competitive price
7. Package: Cartons, as per client's requirement