Injection magnets will gradually replace rubber magnets as motor rotors

- Mar 22, 2019-

In the past, many low-priced motors and electronic motors used magnetic steel rotors are made of anisotropic rubber magnetic slices (also known as motor magnetic strips) for starting magnetic steel! Since the advent of nylon injection magnet, many motor, electronic and motor factories have gradually turned to nylon injection magnet to replace the rubber magnetic strip, because nylon injection magnet has the following advantages:

  1. Injection molding magnet is a magnet produced by mixing magnetic powder, resin (PA6, PA12, PPS, etc.), additives and other materials with a special injection molding machine through injection molding.

2. The magnetic force of injection magnet is slightly lower than that of sintered magnet, but it has the advantages of precise size, light weight, thin wall and complex shape. Besides, the magnetic force is stable and can be bonded together with other metal parts to form.

3, many precision, lightweight, and high performance requirements of electronic products, injection magnetic can meet the requirements, which is difficult to achieve sintered magnetic conditions. In the process of molding, if axial or radial external magnetic field is applied to it, the magnet with higher magnetic properties can be obtained.

4. High performance micro motor (stepper motor, brushless motor), automobile motor, copier, laser printer, magnetic sensor, precision instrument, etc.

5, injection molding magnetic has a feature: temperature 20~150 degrees non - demagnetization! The motor magnetic strip will demagnetized when the operating temperature over 80 degrees!