In daily life, what electric equipment radiate is harmful? What is not harmful?

- May 07, 2019-

With the rapid development of science and technology, life we can be exposed to more and more radiation, that these are harmful to human body, how much harm, how to prevent radiation?

The first thing to understand is that radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation, ionizing radiation is a kind of hazard. The safe value of human radiation is 1.6W/Kg or less.


Routers are now available in every home, so how big is their impact? First of all, the radiation produced by the router is non-ionizing radiation, and the radiation value to the head of the human body is 0.0057w /Kg. Compared with the safe value, the safety of the router is known.


Still have a person to feel microwave oven is very big to the harm of human body, actually microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave only, with light essence is a thing. Some people have doubts about the safety of security machines. In fact, security machines are equipped with protective devices, and our security time is very short. Studies have shown that even if we use the subway for a year, the radiation dose is far less than the safe value. Still have the radiation of mobile phone, computer that we are contacted most, also be non-ionizing radiation actually, need not prevent basically. There are refrigerators and other daily supplies in life, in fact, these things can be used at ease, do not have to expend scheming radiation.


A lot of people still use cactus, much the radiation-proof such as the flesh, still have the radiation-proof clothing of pregnant woman to wait, it is the advertisement of the businessman just. What we really need to pay attention to are places with yellow warning signs, like the radiology department in the hospital.