HP has announced the launch of a new HP Latex printer capable of printing hard materials

- Apr 08, 2019-

HP has long relied on its water-based latex printing technology for wide-format printing to accommodate flexible materials. But it has to use UV technology for hard materials for a long time. This may be about to change with the company's announcement of a new Latex printer capable of printing hard materials.

The new HP Latex R series is said to be a hybrid machine. It can print most standard hard materials such as foam board, foam PVC, cardboard, corrugated polypropylene, solid plastic, aluminum, wood and glass. HP claims that its latex inks maintain the look and feel of the medias without creating the smell associated with UV printing. Although there are no details on how the ink adheres to these substrates, whether or not any coating or primer is used, or how the drying system works.

HP has also developed a white latex ink that was previously impossible.

HP has developed an "innovative" system to recycle white ink to avoid heavier white particle deposition - exactly the same way other white ink printers use it. Note that HP doesn't say where it recirculates ink - recycling ink around the ink supply system is relatively easy, although most of the latest piezoelectric printhead now circulates ink through the printhead. But I suspect HP's ink problem is force white ink through its thermally sensitive printhead.

Newlife Magnetic developed a new product, flexible printable magnets for HP Latex, which can work very good on HP Latex machines, it has heat resistant vinyl surface which can keep flat even printed by HP high temperature condition. 

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