How to make a magnetic wall

- Apr 28, 2018-

To build a magnetic wall, you need to use special magnetic putty powder to make the bottom layer when decorating. Just use a small magnet to fix it when you use it.

Use the Newlife Magnetic Primer to create a Magnetic wall. Newlife Magnetic Primer is a Magnetic paint that is added to anti-rust iron powder, which can be used as normal latex paint. When the room is decorated, first brush a layer of Magnetic Primer, just brush once can get enough suction. Then brush a layer of ordinary latex paint and choose your favorite color. The surface of the emulsion paint brush, the Magnetic Primer layer, will hardly affect the suction.

Since the color of anti-rust iron powder is black, and the particle size is very small, it is difficult to change the color, so the Magnetic Primer is usually black or dark gray. The walls look nothing different from ordinary walls, but the wall already has the ability to absorb the Magnetic material. You can then put a layer of magnetic wallpaper or a magnetic erasable whiteboard or blackboard sheet on the wall, and an interesting magnetic wall. When you change the magnetic wallpaper or erasable sheet, it doesn't cause any damage to the wall, and the magnetic wallpaper can be used again.

Magnetic walls are becoming more and more popular. If you have kids in your home and you don't want your kids room to go with the flow and use a magnetic wall to decorate your kids room, the kids will love it.