How to Magnetize flexible magnets

- Dec 26, 2019-

Flexible Magnets are made from a mixture of ferrite magnetic powder and binders into pellets that are then calender into sheets. Magnetize the Flexible Magnet, that is, magnetize the ferrite powder inside. It is very easy to magnetize the ferrite particles by applying a strong external magnetic field. In production, strong magnetic fields are created in two ways: 1, using stronger magnets, such as NdFeB. 2. Use a conducting coil to apply current to create a strong magnetic field.

There are two types of Flexible Magnets, isotropic and anisotropic, where the magnetic energy is relatively weak and anisotropic is relatively strong. The Pull force also has something to do with the magnetization method. Flexible Magnet sheet usually adopts single-sided multi-pole magnetization method.