How to increase the magnetic seal of refrigerator door

- Sep 01, 2018-

Reasons of magnetic drop of magnetic seal bar of refrigerator door:

1. Seal magnetic force is insufficient

2. Loose deformation of door shaft

3. Aging of sealing strip


1. Unplug the power plug first, open the door, and use the hairdryer to evenly heat the rubber strip at the gap.

2.Put a flashlight into the refrigerator, then close the door and carefully observe the sealing ring around the door to find out where the light is leaking. Then the leakage of the magnetic ring to open, take some clean cotton to fill the sealing ring of the leakage.

3.Remove the sealing strip of refrigerator and soak it with hot water. Wipe it and put it on. Keep the sealing strip clean. Only on the refrigerator box magnetic, and the door is not magnetic if not to find the after-sale service center to solve it.