Hospital X-ray radiation protection measures

- May 08, 2019-

The progress of science and technology, X-ray has been widely cited in the medical field, providing convenient conditions for the diagnosis of diseases. However, because of the frequent use of radiological instruments, medical personnel are exposed to these rays for a long period of time, accumulating more radiation than the body can bear. Thus causes the medical peope body organization organ certain damage.

Let's take a look at the hospital and other medical places is how to do isolation, shielding, blocking radiation.

  1. Reduce large amount of radiation exposure in a short term. The staff alternated the use of radioactive equipment.

  2. Wear X-ray protective clothing. Set the radiation protection  screen.

  3. Radiology department adopts radiation-proof materials for decoration. For example, the wall is made of barium sulfate sand cement, and the wall is treated with barium sand mortar to meet the radiation standards of the department. Generally, the wall is made of barium sand cement in the range of 1.3-3cm. Construction shall be carried out in accordance with ray protection standards.

  4. Medical facilities with strong radiation will adopt lead bricks. Lead plate is closed treated. The decoration USES the barium sulfate plate material to carry on the decoration decoration. Achieve prevent ray function while, assure indoor and orderly.

  5.  Nuclear medicine experiments are equipped with nuclear medicine fume hood, nuclear medicine injection screen and nuclear medicine waste collection box. Are made of high purity lead.

  6. The monitoring glass in the radiology department is made of glass with different lead grades. Generally, lead glass of 10-20mm is used for less radiation protection, while thick glass with high content of lead is used for nuclear medical laboratories.

  7. Lead protective door is adopted at the entrance and exit to block isolation rays.