High Quality Unvulcanized Rubber Compound

- Aug 08, 2019-

Product Description
IngredientsCopolymer of Vinylidene Fluoride and Hexafluoropropylene. Curing system, processing aids and filers contained.
FeaturesProprietary curing agent compounding technology, excellent processing, mold release, mold flow and compression set properties.
ProcessingCompression, transfer and injection molding.
ApplicationSuitable for make O-rings.
Curing systemBisphenol AF
Lab Testing Curing conditionPress cure 10 min @ 170ºC
Post cure 20 hrs @ 230ºC
Typical Rheological Properties
Monsanto Moving Die Rheometer(MDR2000®)100cpm, 0.5°Arc,6 minutes@177ºC
ML Minimum Torque, N·m0.23

MH Maximum Torque, N·m1.99

HS Code


Typical Original Properties
PropertyUnitTest MethodTypical Value
Gravityg/cm3ASTM D-2971.9
Tensile StrengthMpaASTM D-41215
Elongation at break%ASTM D-412200
HardnessShore AASTM D-224070+/-5

Hot Air Aging, 70 hrs @ 250ºC
Hardness changePtASTM D-573+2
Tensile strength change%ASTM D-573-9
Elongation change%ASTM D-573-5

Compression Set, 24 hrs @200ºC
Compression Set%ASTM D-395B14