Grey magnetic chalkboard, conference good helper

- Sep 20, 2018-

In the past two years, with the continuous expansion of the company's business, our Marketing Department is also increasingly busy, and the number of meetings is increasing. However, the increasing number of meetings also comes with the emergence of a problem, which is that the meeting room is often not available for appointment, and finally many small meetings are forced to be held in the temporary small meeting room. Temporary problem is that there is no conference room equipment and the space is lesser, use department's collective wisdom, on the Internet by using black grey board meeting room, meeting room magnetic blackboard and conference room background wall decoration keywords to search more information on products, finally through the leadership approval, we bought a "NEWLIFE" gray magnetic chalk board.

This is a magnetic chalk board that can be glued to the wall, and unlike those back-up blackboards that need extra space, this is a real boon for our already limited conference room. And the installation is very convenient. After a dozen minutes, two or three people finished pasting the magnetic chalk board, which is very solid. Besides, the size was customized according to the size of the conference room wall when we bought it, so the final effect is not different from our expectation.


It should also be noted that this is a conference room magnetic blackboard, the main feature is "magnetic". Different from the ordinary blackboard, the magnetic office plywood can not only carry out the ordinary writing, but also adsorb the magnetic bracket or decoration. The bracket can be used to place objects and save space, while the ornament can be used to decorate the wall. When the employee's birthday or some festivals, the magnetic office grey board can be used to decorate the corresponding theme, which is "kill two birds with one stone".

Since bought the magnetic chalk edition, we have the "focus" in the process of meeting, the meeting efficiency has the obvious, meeting the difficult strainght everyone can, to lead the next work arrangement everyone be clear at a glance, also solves the information brought by the simple verbal instructions before missing problem. Moreover, it can also be used as the background wall decoration of the conference room, which adds some vitality to the original single white wall and brings an unspeakable change to the whole conference room.