Fun and beautiful interactive magnetic picture

- Jul 14, 2018-

DIY magnetic decoration, decoration into a game that is fun and beautiful, by the adult children, through the installation process in the play, parent-child interaction close family relationships, the harmonious emotional communication, began to decorate a room together from the beginning!

The adornment of children room often changes with the growth of the child's age, infant children room notice safety, often have a lot of protective measures, the color is more bright-coloured and lively, on many decorations are like babies. As the child grows up, children's room may want to increase desk and so on furniture, adornment also wants change. Children's minds may not grow if they keep their baby decorations. The appearance of magnetic decorative painting is to cater to the development and change of children's house decoration. Magneto's cartoon magnetic decoration is similar to some of its other products in that it has a double magnetic structure. On the magnetic wall, the magnetic frame can be directly pasted on the wall. If there is no magnetic wall, the magnetic frame can be fixed on the wall by nails. Then you can choose your favorite drawing in a magnetic frame.


At present magnetic good home is aimed at consumer demand, rolled out a lot of pure and fresh and beautiful magnetic drawing core, lovely and languid small animal added a lot of childlike innocence interest to children room. Magnetic painting can also be designed as a three-dimensional magnetic photo wall, a happy family photo in the magnetic frame of the magnetic good family, so that the family's love around the children all the time. Parents can also invite their children to participate in the selection of magnetic picture frames to add some sense of participation. When installing, parents can DIY magnetic photo walls with their children, giving them the freedom to choose their favorite photos.

Magnetic decorative painting, is another major breakthrough in wall decoration, let us know that the original wall can still play like this. Fun and beautiful magnetic decorative painting, the picture frame has three elegant and generous colors for customers to choose, parents DIY choice!