Frequently Asked Questions of printing flexible magnets

- Jul 01, 2019-

How do you print Flexible Magnets?

·        Newlife flexible magnets can be printed by large format printers. The process in printing is digital where the stock for magnet is directly fed into the printer and the ink and directly absorbed.

How should I design my Flexible Magnets?

·        It’s really up to you on how you’re going to design your material. Ur Printing provides design assistance, tips and ideas that are useful. You can use our free setup templates before creating your design. Also, and asking our customer representatives for more information about Flexible Magnets will be a big help.

How do I know if my design is ready for printing?

·        You can ask for a free file review offered by the printer experts. They will check your design for bleed setup, safe margin, trim lines and other technical design adjustment to make your print ready for printing.