FQA of Magnetic chalkboard

- Jul 06, 2019-

Magnetic blackboard is a coating composed of dense polymer film, just like drawing board, to meet the needs of painting, graffiti, design DIY. Here are answers to common questions about Magnetic chalkboard sheet.

1. What are the USES of magnetic blackboard film?

After painting one or two layers of the original painted wall, it can be used as a children's graffiti board. Will not affect the style and color of the original decoration. It can also be used on the walls of public places to prevent stains and footprints.

2. What are the advantages of magnetic blackboard membrane?

No formaldehyde, no harmful volatile gas, simple construction, does not affect the original decoration style, suitable for people of all ages.

3, magnetic blackboard film and ordinary magnetic blackboard compared to what advantages?

Magnetic blackboard film technology requirements are high, easy to bubble, irregular wall is not easy to level off, containing formaldehyde; The water-based graffiti film is transparent, easy to use, safe and environmental protection.

So that's the answer to some common questions about magnetic blackboard membranes, and we'll see you next time.