- Jun 15, 2019-

What is a magnetic assembly?
 A magnet assembly consists of one of more magnets, along with other components, such as steel, that generally affect the functionality of the magnet. 

How should magnets be assembled to my device?
If a magnet must be fastened to a device, you can use either mechanical means or adhesives to secure the magnet in place. 

Adhesives are often used to secure magnets in place. If magnets are being adhered to uneven surfaces, an adhesive with plenty of "body" is required so that it will conform to the uneven surface. Hot glues have been found to work well for adhering magnets to ceramics, wood, cloth, and other materials. For magnets being adhered to metal, "super glues" can be used very effectively.

NEWLIFE can supply flexible magnets with adhesives already attached; simply peel off the liner and attach the magnet to your product.