- Jun 14, 2019-

Can magnets be machined?
Yes, magnets can be machined. However, hard magnet materials are extremely difficult to machine, unlike flexible or rubber-type magnet materials. Magnets should be machined in the unmagnetized state as much as possible, using diamond tools and/or soft grinding wheels. In general, it is best not to try to machine hard magnet materials unless you are familiar with these specialized machining techniques. 

How much does it cost to machine magnets?
Factors that determine the cost to machine magnets include:
  • Quantity: The larger the quantity, the lower the cost, since set-up charges must be amortized over the quantity, and special tooling can be created to machine larger quantities.

  • Material: SmCo materials are more costly to machine since they are very brittle, flexible materials are very inexpensive to machine because of their   physical characteristics.

  • Shape: Complex shapes are more expensive than simple shapes; and,

  • Tolerances: The closer the required tolerances, the more expensive it will be to machine the magnets.