Four types of POP Magnets

- Jun 17, 2019-

Sometimes the best use for a magnet is one you don’t see.  Because the magnet can be hidden, the emphasis remains on the product or enhances the visual environment; not the functionality of the magnet.

These three examples of displays using hidden magnets perfectly illustrate the unique uses of P.O.P. magnets in multiple environments.


Sign Holding Magnets

If magnetic sign holders conjure up images of hooks or clunky posts, maybe it’s time to try something different.  Flip the base around and come up with sneaky way to use these magnets.

Traditionally, magnetic bases for sign holding are sturdy assemblies that hold signs with a variety of attachments – including hooks for hanging and posts for signage.  They are also incredibly strong, making them an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

However, we recently noticed this creative use of a magnetic base as vertical sign holder.  Just by adhering the magnetic bases to the back the signage, this well-known coffee bar created durable P.O.P. messaging able to endure heavy customer traffic.  The powerful magnets ensure the signs stay in place.

Printed Magnets

Simply exchanging printed magnetic labels lets customers know what to expect as the the delicious flavor-of-day.

Printing direct to magnet is another excellent example of P.O.P. magnets hiding in plain sight.  By printing direct to magnet, graphics become the focus of the viewer rather than the magnet. Magnetic sheeting brings out the brilliant color of your designs and visual images.  The integrated magnetic backing allows for endless creative applications.


Popular uses include:

  • P.O.P. displays

  • temporary signage

  • vehicle graphics

  • message boards

  • teaching aids

  • portraits

  • decorative magnets

  • photos

In many current uses, printed magnets are often used as interchangeable signs on menu boards.  For example, changing out the flavor of this week’s frozen yogurt is as simple as pulling off one sign and posting the next.  Utilizing a magnetic graphic system incorporates magnetic sheeting and magnetic receptive material, perfect non-ferrous backgrounds.

When printed these magnets blend in with their environment seamlessly.  It’s likely you’ve spotted one of these hidden magnets without realizing it.

Strip Magnets

Often, magnetic strip is used in trade show and exhibit displays

One of the first types of flexible magnets created, flexible magnetic strip has endless uses.  Extruded into long, thin strips of flexible magnetic material, strip magnet works well for attaching signage to metal surfaces.  Or use two attracting pieces of strip magnets to attach materials to non-ferrous surfaces.  Applied to the back of the project, the magnet remains hidden providing an aesthetically attractive appeal.

Common uses of strip magnets include:

  • trade show displays

  • sign holding

  • screen door and show door closures

  • P.O.P. displays

  • packaging applications

Whether used magnet to steel or magnet to magnet, flexible magnetic strip is an ideal example P.O.P. magnets hiding in plain sight.  Recently, we discovered strip magnets used to attach a finished piece of trim work over a display in a chain retailer.  This unique application allows reconfiguration of fixtures, while creating a modern, sleek visual environment for the retailer.

Printable Magnetic Receptive Film

Printable Magnetic Receptive Film has no magnetic strength itself, but it can magnetize with permanent magnets.Newlife magnetic receptive material is made from eco-friendly materials that meet RoHS and EN71-3 standards. It is a kind of polymer composite material, made of a layer of magnetic receptive raw material tightly bound with a layer of printable media under Newlife’s patent technology. It is the thinnest and lightest magnetic receptive film in Newlife’s products.

Printable Magnetic Receptive Film is also a kind of printable media. The printable liners on Printable Magnetic Receptive Films are applied with PET, PP, PVC, canvas, and coated paper etc. It can be printed as easy as traditional printable media, and get high quality images, suitable for wide print processes, such as digital inkjet print for UV curable, eco-solvent, water-base, HP Latex, laser print of HP Indigo and TONER, offset print, flexo and label print, screen print, etc.