Flexible Rubber NdFeB/Neodymium Magnetic Sheet for Electronic Appliance

- Feb 10, 2020-

Product Description

The flexible NdFeB Magnets is a kind of flexible magnets biased on micro-crystalline NdFeB grinded powder and a polymeric matrix. Flexible NdFeB Magnet have high magnetic properties due to magnetic micro-crystalline powder and good flexibility due to elastomer matrix. The flexible ndfeb magnet are  the strongest flexible magnet energy currently in the world. The flexible NdFeB magnet products are mainly applied to the field of sensors, motors, flat speakers, wireless mouse, supermarket EAS and strong adsorption , and they still expanding new applications.

Characteristics of ndfeb rubber magnet 

1.     BHm=80kJ/m3(10.0 MGO)(Isotropic).
2.     BHm=100KJ/m3(12.5MGO) (anisotropic) in lab and BHm=16~68kJ/m3(2.0-8.5MGO) in mass production, and can be multipolar magnetized freely.
3.     Flexible ndfeb rubber magnet 's working temperature from -40oC to 120oC.
4.     Good flexible properties.
5.     Good stability and reliability, which have been proved by systemic testing.
6.     Shorter production process without complicated mould
7.     Various shapes of flexible ndfeb rubber magnet: long and narrow bars, large area thin sheets, thin ring, ect.
8.     Br, Hcj and hardness can be made to order.

Surface Treatment:
Laminated with PVC Sheet
Laminated with Self-adhesive
Chinese excellent standard self-adhesive
USA 3M adhesive
Screen Printing

Professional Gifts
Magnetic Photo Frame
Car Decoration
Magnetic Stationery
Name Card
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