Flexible (Magnetic) Ferrous Sheet

- Aug 30, 2019-

Product Description

 flexible ferrous iron sheets are made from iron powder. It is flexible and it has the characteristics of flexible magnetic sheeting. It is easily cut, bent, twisted, coiled, or machined into almost any shape without damaging it.

 This product is not a magnetic material. However, it has excellent magnetic receptive properties and it behaves like metal which magnets can be attracted to. This product is treated as a metal base for flexible magnetic sheeting or other magnets.

For example, ferrous or steel tape is ideal for running around a wall so that magnets can be used to hang various items. While large ferrous sheets, used with magnetic dry-wipe labels are perfect for creating magnetic leader boards. Ferrous iron sheet is a flexible rubber material that is infused with steel particles, while steel tape is very thinly rolled steel and although it is just 0.4mm thick it will give you a better attraction than ferrous tape.

Features and specifications:
  1. Applications: white boards, educational products, etc.

  2. Flexible, easy to cut or roll 

  3. Light weight 

  4. This product is available in plain brown, with adhesive laminate or vinyl laminate

  5. Thickness: .015-.04" (0.38-1.0mm) 

  6. Width: up to 24.5" (622.3mm) 

  7. Standard roll length: 100' (30.5m)