Flexible Neodymium

- Feb 27, 2020-

Flexible NdFeB is a new type of Flexible binding permanent magnetic material. It is a composite material prepared by the production process of rubber products, with rubber organic compounds as binder, quick-quench NdFeB powder as filler, and auxiliary processing additives. This composite material has high magnetic properties and mechanical properties, and is easy to be processed into flexible bonded magnetic plates, magnetic strips and magnetic rings and other complex shape devices, so as to meet a variety of different requirements. More importantly, this bonded permanent magnet also takes the magnetic properties of the flexible bonded magnet to a new level by using a high-performance quick-quenched NdFeB powder instead of the ferrite magnetic powder, which can fill the magnetic space between the ferrite and the rigid NdFeB permanent magnet. And, the manufacture of flexible NdFeB and the operability of the assembly process is good, easy to shape processing.


1, performance in ferrite and rigid NdFeB permanent magnet between, to fill the gap between them.

2. It can manufacture thin-walled products with arbitrarily complex shapes, and the thickness of the magnet can reach about 0.3mm, which is difficult to achieve including sintering and injection molding processes, so that the device can be lightweight and miniaturized.

3, can be very simple to make full radial (radiation) orientation of the magnet.

4, compared to the rigid magnet, it has better mechanical properties, good impact resistance, not easily broken.

5. Even, all parts such as metal and non-metal can be embedded into the whole forming to achieve the composite components;