Flexible Magnetic Blackboard Wall

- Nov 19, 2019-

As a stay-at-home mom, I often worry about my children's education. By chance, I learned about NEWLIFE Flexible Magnetic Blackboard online. After using Flexible Magnetic Blackboard, we know that life can be so beautiful. It is not a difficult thing to teach through lively activities and infiltrate literature education into our life. In fact, it can be applied appropriately. Let children really enjoy learning instead of being forced by parents. Flexible Magnetic Blackboard allows both adults and children to have fun.


Flexible Magnetic Blackboard is attached to the wall, unlike the traditional hard Blackboard, which requires screw installation, so much effort is saved in installation, and there is no sense of pressure from the traditional Blackboard.

The shape of Flexible Magnetic Blackboard can be cut according to your own preferences, and the novel shape makes the child more curious and want to touch it.

Flexible Magnetic Blackboard USES Flexible magnets, which create a static Magnetic field, similar to the earth's Magnetic field, which has no effect on the human body. At the same time because it has a layer of magnetic bottom, so it has magnetism, the use of this magnetic function, can do adsorption on the wall to receive, make full use of space resources, things tidy up more organized.

Children can also play scrabble on Flexible Magnetic Blackboard and move Magnetic magnets easily. At ordinary times, I can also teach her to read and draw on the wall of Flexible Magnetic Blackboard so that she can doodle and have a happy parent-child time.

I like this Flexible Magnetic Blackboard very much. It lets me know that life can be so beautiful as long as I relax my mind and choose the right approach. The growth of my child and my expectations for her can be balanced.