- Apr 13, 2018-

Q. Can I feed MAGNETIC PAPER through my digital press?

A. Yes mostly you can. You will need to check our printer compatibility chart. Most Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kodak Nexpress and HP indigo printer is compatible. (Please contact our sales for more info.) Make sure all sheets surfaces are smooth and flat.


Q. Will my press feeder pickup and feed  MAGNETIC PAPER?

A. Yes. It will not attract together between 2 sheets. Standard feeder setups typically work well.


Q. What is the best way to test MAGNETIC PAPER’s feeding and printing capabilities?

A. Load the feeder and set impression and manual double sheet detector as you would in printing art paper. Start the press to feed sheets. Allow the press to run (not printing) and set up delivery as the heavier sheet might need a slightly different setting to properly slow speed sheets. With the material feeding and stacking into the delivery, print as you would any paper.


Q. Will the weight of  MAGNETIC PAPERcause blocking?

A. No, mostly not. If you experience blocking due to the weight of the sheet, try using more offset spray and stacking in smaller lifts.


Q. How to magnetize the unpre-magnetized MAGNETIC PAPER? (esp. for RM-ART20 or RM-ART35)

A. Magnetizer only needed for RM-ART20 or RM-ART35

1. Print  MAGNETIC PAPER (RM-ART20 or RM0ART35) firstly.

2. hold the magnetizer bar, to touch MAGNETIC PAPER from the top, move paper or bar on one direction, up to down.

3. Stick the DP-MAG PAPER on steel surface to make sure magnetized fully.

Besides of handle portable desktop magnetizer (350mm Width) , we can also supply semi-automatic magnetizer, similar as picture as below.

It is recommended to use NEWLIFE's magnetizer for optimum magnetism, otherwise it may affect the magnetic effect.