FAQ of Magnetic dry erase wallcovering

- Jul 03, 2019-

Why Chose Newlife Magnetic dry erase wallcovering

This is the most popular dry erase wallcovering in offices. Used in areas where people want to express ideas, this gloss white wallcovering allows dry erase pens to be used alongside magnets.

How do I use them?

Newlife Magnetic dry erase wallcovering is easy to install. Prepare the wall with a PVA sealer and apply wallpaper Adhesive directly to the wall. The wallcovering is applied dry, flush out air bubbles and trim with a sharp blade. It is safe to use and easy to cut.

Who we are?

From the inventors of magnetic wallpaper, Newlife is a patented magnetic wallcovering with a printable surface for low or high* power magnets. This lightweight wallcovering is easy to hang with many new features:

Soft sheen white vinyl finish for non reflective reproduction

Ink systems include solvent, UV and latex

Non woven backer for dimensional stability and fast paste the wall application

High Magnet receptivity rating