Educational Ferrite Physical Experiment Magnet Set Science Toys

- Sep 14, 2019-

Product Description

 Ferrite Educational Magnets 

* It is usually have bar shaped and U-shaped. Educational magnets are widely used in teaching and children's toy.
* Educational Magnets not only can make children know the nature and change of magnetic field, but also can show the physical character of magnet.
* Educational Magnets are usually covered with red and blue painting, also marked clear North & South Poles.

*** Features ***
North(N) --> red color; South(S)--> blue color 
Shape and Color customized welcome !

*** Educational Magnet Display ***

ITEM#Description of ItemsSize Details
Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)
KJ23012PCS Educational Magnet Set1207010
KJ21013PCS Educational Magnet Set1608010
KJ22017PCS Educational Magnet Set19012010

1. Q: Which is the strongest type of magnet? 
    A: Neodymium (more precisely Neodymium-Iron-Boron) magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.

2. Q: What are the size limitations on manufacturing neodymium magnets?
   A: The limits include:
        2" max in magnetized direction
        4" max diameter for discs and rings
        4" max length and width for blocks
        1/32" minimum on thickness on any magnet
        1/16" minimum diameter on outer diameter
        1/16" minimum diameter on any hole
3. Q: What information do I need to supply when I have an inquiry?
    A: If you have any inquiry, please kindly advise the following items:
         Dimensions, sizes, shape and drawing with tolerances.
         Material grade or magnetic properties.
         Magnetic direction, quantity. Surface coating (if necessary).
         Any special packing, delivering or other requirements.
4. Q: What about the sample time and charge?
    A: 7-10 days if the sample have to be customized, charge according to your design.
         3-7 days for our existing samples for reference 
5. Q: What about the delivery time of your products?
    A: 10-15days.
         Fast Delivery once you confirmed your design, we can produce it as fast as possible, and deliver it as quick and convenient as possible.
6. Q: Could you provide me the shortest lead time?
    A: That's based on whether we have the available materials in stock, we will try our best to satisfy you if any urgency.
7. Q: What is your MOQ?
    A: 10-100-500-1000-5000-10000-200000 pcs etc. depend different size ,item, design and process. MIN and SMALL quantity accept accordingly.