Double layer magnetic enterprise culture display wall

- May 12, 2018-

Mag Base: 0.76mm(30mil) flexible magnet + adhesive

Top layer: printable magnetic receptive film.


1: printing and production: high - definition printing press. Clear pattern, bright colors, no distortion, no discoloration.

2: surface treatment: PET erasable film. The handwriting is still easy to dry erase after 30 days.

3: base material: you can choose magnetic or iron, iron can holded magnetic product, it can bend, cut freely. Magnetic material can be holded on the surface of ordinary white board, the selflife is up to 3 years.

4: creative function: with magnetic photo frame, magnetic buckle, magnetic tape, magnetic bag, magnetic hook and other applicability.

5: suitable for corporate culture, sales PK, production kanban, corporate message and so on.

6: customizable: you only need to provide your design, and we can make it for you.