DIY magnetic chalkboard

- Jun 29, 2018-

Geometric shapes can be powerful, bold and eye-catching design elements, and are essential for interior design. It is not the end of the classic, is beyond the existence of time, both can extend the space, but also can concentrate the corner. Lines, triangles, circles, squares, polygons, and irregularities make up a mysterious and interesting world. Want a variety of styles? Magnetic blackboard sticker is the best choice! Be free to cut, willful DIY, use geometrical element skillfully, the space becomes tall on a second.


Magnetic blackboard is not only a magnetic graffiti wall that can be written and created at will, but also has soft material characteristics. It can be cut, creative and DIY. Geometry is an unfailing design element and a symbol of simplicity and wisdom. It will always give you unexpected surprises.

Feel the regular rectangular wall is too monotonous? This is when you can cut the soft magnetic blackboard into any shape you like. It may be irregular gear steps, seemingly irregular gaps, but unique balance and beauty. Perhaps it is angular hexagon and pentagram star shape, dazzling.. This can be according to your space demand, make full use of, use up more convenient more flexibility, more human nature is more attentive, common you also can become small stylist.


Magnetic blackboard installation only takes two steps, magnetic bottom assembly, adsorption surface layer, DIY easy to do. The nano-scale grinding technology is adopted to form a high density ferrogel layer, which ensures the magnetic absorption of the surface and magnetic bottom of the brush for a long time and does not shed or blister. 3M magnetic back adhesive, environmental friendly and tasteless, can adhere to any smooth surface, lasting more than 5 years; The pure natural rubber magnetic bottom is environmentally friendly and tasteless.

Interesting modelling, is also a beautiful child graffiti wall, use a variety of modelling is more attractive to children, so you don't have to worry about children again disorderly occurs on a white wall, magnetic blackboard should be written and easy to clean, dust-free chalk is convenient to use environmental protection, wipe one hundred thousand times is not in evidence.

DIY magnetic blackboard stick, pick up scissors and brush, change shape, cut at will, easy to do their own life designers.