Direct print magnetic advertising materials

- Nov 23, 2018-

Direct injection magnetic material is a new type of advertising materials, it is mainly composed of magnetic back and material carrier, so the combination of perfect to create a new kind of advertising display system and a simple advertising attached installation, change traditional KT board + back glue material way of advertising is difficult to put up, it is difficult to clean up for the inconvenience, easy operation, any amateurs easily in a few minutes to complete the installation and perfectly wide advertisement post installation, can be creative to repeatedly, overlapping use, save cost, achieve clean and environmental protection.

NEWLIFE's products have been successfully applied in many fields, such as brand display in shopping malls, internal publicity, exhibition and public area publicity, and have been well received by customers. We have collected various practical application cases for your reference.

Advantagement of printable Magnets

  • Quick installation: a 5m*1m poster can be installed in less than a minute

  • Easy to replace: can be replaced without damage and removal of the base surface

  • Reusable:  The Pictures can be easily reinstalled to other places, which can be reused many times and save costs

  • Permanent use: the Magbase do not need to replace or reinstall, it can be used for a long time, saving costs

  • Low labor cost: no professional installation, and the installation is simple and fast, saving time cost

  • Seamless splicing: the splicing is simple and can be modified many times, very easy to achieve seamless splicing, and does not require professional operators

  • Multilayer superposition: magnetic film products can be covered with each other and conveniently removed. Multilayer superposition can provide more creative design space (such as hollowing out, etc.) and provide higher flexibility