Die-Cutting Wave Absorbing Materials for EMI Shielding Electromagnetism

- Aug 31, 2019-

Product Description

Product Introduction :
JRF-GF2000C absorbing material is a kind of functional composite materials to absorb electromagnetic waves, which can eliminate the to and fro reflection of electromagnetic wave of electronic apparatus and function module, to reduce clutter interference on the device itself, but also can effectively prevent the electric radiation on the harassment and injuries of peripheral equipment and personnel damage is a kind of elimination of electromagnetic pollution a simple and effective method .
Feature :
1.JRF-GF2000C wave absorbing materials are widely used in the need of electromagnetic wave absorption area.
2.This absorbing material can be used in a wide range of frequencies suppress the radiated interference of electronic equipment. Especially in the mobile phone, GPS and other wireless communications products . 

Application :
Mobile phone , GPS ,
flat panel display (PDP) ,
Notebook computers,
digital cameras ,
other digital products ,
other wireless communications products .
Also used in the FRID radio frequency identification technology, such as the approach of communication (NFC), ETC system, access control, security ,water , electricity and coal card reader; wireless charger inverter equipment, medical and health care equipment of high precision electronic equipment and electronic circuit board (PCB), integrated circuits .