Development trend of Electronic components

- Mar 22, 2018-

The automation technology of OPTOELECTRONIC Devices Assembly will be the key to reduce the cost of optical electronic devices. Manual assembly is the main factor limiting the further decrease of the cost of optical electronic devices. Automatic assembly can reduce human cost, increase production and save production space, so the research of automation technology of optoelectronic Device Assembly will be the key to reduce the cost of optical electronic devices.

Due to the precision of automatic assembly of optoelectronic devices in Submicron scale, automated assembly production has been considered to be very difficult, but there is a great breakthrough. Foreign academic journals have repeatedly reported on the basis of Vcsel, new optical collimator and self aligning technology, the breakthrough of automatic assembly of optical devices, and the design of optoelectronic devices specially designed for automated assembly. 2002 OFC Exhibition has more than 10 automatic packaging, automatic welding equipment manufacturers exhibiting, welding, alignment, pressure welding and many think only by manual operation of the process can be carried out by the manipulator. According to Electronicast forecast, by 2005, automated assembly and test equipment sales will reach 1.71 billion U.S. dollars, optical electronic components in the output value of 70%~80% will be automatic or semi-automatic assembly production, can be said that the emergence of automated production lines is the light electronics industry began to mature signs and development of the inevitable.