Decorate your room by magnetic wall

- Nov 20, 2018-

Children room good thing -- magnetic children wallpaper

I bought a new magnetic wallpaper for our baby, which was easy to install, and the two of us soon put it together. The technology was in place, there was no bubbling, and it felt great, and the size and the room fit perfectly, covering the whole wall. The wallpaper is bright in color, the print is clear, and the overall look is perfect for the room.


The magnetic wallpaper has become a new scene in my living room.

The child especially likes to write to draw, get a pen to paint the wall graffiti, I have been taught. Later I felt very guilty and scolded him. After the introduction of friends found this magnetic children's wallpaper, it is simply too happy, can make up for the child, let him feel at ease painting, when writing can be modified at will, erasure writing convenience. I also chose some letter stickers, stickers and racks for decoration, so it looks beautiful and practical.


Magnetic whiteboard is a little helper for learning to write and draw

I found some fresh baby on the Internet. It took some time to install it for the first time, but it was not difficult to operate. This magnetic children's whiteboard is perfect for my daughter. She was very excited when she first saw the whiteboard. She picked up a specially equipped writing pen and began to play. In addition, I also selected some small items, which were moved randomly and decorated, so that it would not be too monotonous.

An interesting magnetic chalkboard

When I got it, I immediately finished the assembly together with my daughter. The operation was simple, and it was completed in an instant, with a small sense of achievement. The sizes are all right, and the shapes are the same as I expected. My daughter can't wait to pick up the small paintbrush and magnetic patch and play with it. Seeing that she is as curious as discovering a new continent, I feel that this magnetic chalkboard has been selected correctly.


Magnetic house chalkboard, childhood memoiry

Just like when I was a child, I often liked to draw a small house on the ground with white chalk, with a pointed roof and a square chimney on the side. Magnetic house chalkboard is to move this small house to the wall, more warm three-dimensional, the installation is also very simple. Small English word magnetic paste, and shelf can be inhaled on it, writing very smooth, gently wipe away will not leave any traces.