Customized Magnetic Rubber Strips for Fridge Door

- Jun 28, 2020-

Product Description


Customized magnetic rubber strips for Fridge door

Material:Made of strontium ferrite or BARIUM FERRITE magnetic powder,synthetic rubber ,plastic and other materials .
Product Name:Flexible Rubber Magnet, Printable Magnet, Rubber Magnet, Magnetic Sheet, Magnetic Strip, Soft Magnet, Fridge Magnet.
Working Temperature:GradeTemperature
                      ISOTROPIC RUBBER MAGNET

                      ANISOTROPIC RUBBER MAGNET

Magnet Shapes and Sizes: Rolls,sheets,strips,bloclks,rings,with max.Width 7mm-20mm,thickness from 1mm-3.0mm,length can be as long as what customers require,SNS 3 poles
Surface TreatmentPlain brown with UV coating ,self-adhesive  
Color Imprinted & Die-cutblack, logo printing .
Features:Good flexibility and precise dimension                                                                                          

Production Method :extruding ,calendaring,injecting and molding
Applications:it will be used in fridgerator door

Standard size: