Customized Magnetic Whiteboard, NEWLIFE is the BEST Choice

- Jul 03, 2019-

Soft Magnetic whiteboard is a double layer structure composed of a magnetic base and an ferrous whiteboard surface. Soft Magnetic whiteboard is suitable for any wall without dropping powder or dust, including glass. After installation, soft Magnetic whiteboard not only saves space, but also has a wide range of USES.

For soft Magnetic whiteboard, writing is one of its basic functions. The soft  Magnetic whiteboard can not only good for writing, but also ensure that there are no scratches in writing in normal use. The soft Magnetic whiteboard also has a projection function. Although the surface of the board is high in light, the projection effect is very good and does not reflect light. Newlife soft Magnetic whiteboard is a high-tech whiteboard integrating writing, display, interaction, decoration and other functions.