Customized Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard, have lots of fun!

- Jul 09, 2019-

For families with children, NEWLIFE suggests a magnetic erasable film for your home. Magnetic erasable film not only teaches children to learn, but also provides them with space to draw, so you don't have to worry about the great white walls of your home. Magnetic erasable write film is generally divided into magnetic white board and magnetic blackboard. Magnetic white board with white wooden frame, magnetic board surface, easy to write and erase, can write decorative board surface. With a magnetic whiteboard you can not only make photo wall, but also make bulletin wall, which is very suitable for family use. At the same time, the family white board can also be a multi-purpose board, endless fun.

1. It's convenient to teach children to read

No matter it is children's song or rhythm enlightenment, it can be written on the magnetic whiteboard. As long as it is something on the magnetic whiteboard, it can be remembered by children as long as it passes by and is looked at casually every day.

2. Reciting poems and using magnetic blackboards is very efficient

Reciting ancient poems, writing them on the blackboard, reading them to children, it is not only an effective learning, but also a warm accompaniment for parents and children. In addition to reciting, we can also appreciate ancient poetry and prose, cultivate children's awareness of the beauty of rhythm, you can also use magnetic blackboard to copy poems, accompany children to enjoy the beauty of ancient poetry.

3. Play games

On your magnetic whiteboard at home, you can play with a variety of tricks, printing out interesting materials you often encounter, building blocks and sticking magnetic strips. Then you can create an exclusive game to develop your child's sense of Numbers.

4. Building blocks, magnetic puzzles, and digital enlightenment

To the knowledge of space and graph, the knowledge that learns is inferior to "play" anagemism, help a child to do exercise with magnetic anagemism, let children begin by oneself, transform the wooden jigsaw in the home with a little magnet, so children can go up in small blackboard spell all sorts of design.