Customize magnetic whiteboard

- Jan 04, 2019-

The wall in the home appears too drab, I want to look for a few adornment to decorate before, but did not encounter very accord with the intention. I chose it for a long time until I came across this magnetic whiteboard sticker.

Its installation is simple, won't destroy the structure of original wall, this one, let me feel to install a process to save a lot of effort really in the process. It is not difficult to disassemble, magnetic bottom and writing panel adsorption of the double-layer magnetic absorption structure, easy to install and change. When I got it, I followed the instructions and gradually installed it on the wall. I am looking forward to what it will look like after completion.


After a few efforts, the white board wall was installed successfully. Edge position is decorated on a few emulative butterfly stick, the leaf of the tree cane that decorates with me originally is very tie-in also, instantaneous exuberant. Still have the refrigerator that USES at ordinary times stick and small magnetic force stick, also can stick above this custom-made whiteboard, at ordinary times some small piece of paper should paste go up, should also have no problem, can have the small effect of memo also is quite good.


At first, I also considered giving it to my child at home to improve her writing ability and strengthen her study. After seeing this, my child was eager to pick up the pen and try to write. Seeing her so positive, I thought I had made the right choice this time!


Customize magnetic whiteboard, fresh dress up depends on oneself begin, happiness can have so simply namely.