Customize Magnetic soft whiteboard

- Jan 30, 2019-

The wall in the home appears too drab, I want to look for a few adornment to decorate before, but did not encounter very agreeable mind. I chose it for a long time until I came across this magnetic whiteboard sticker.

The magnetic whiteboard sticker installation is simple, it won't destroy the structure of original wall, this make me feel to save a lot of effort really in installation process. the structure of the magnetic whiteboard is magnetic base and a dry wipe sureface film, very easy to install and easy to change. After I got it, I followed the instructions and gradually installed it on the wall. I am looking forward to what it will look like after completion.


After 10 minutes, the magnetic whiteboard sticker was installed successfully. A few emulative butterfly are decorated on brim position stick, with the cane leaf that I decorate originally also very tie-in, instant exuberant. There are usually used refrigerator stickers and small magnetic stickers, can also be put on this magnetic whiteboard.