Costumed Magnetic map - The world so big, you can go to take a look

- May 26, 2018-

How can we make Paris one second and Beijing the next? It's simple. It flashes on a map. A map in hand, the world I have! Magnetic map customization, even if the world is so big, can be seen anywhere and anytime.


Traditional maps are common. Have you ever seen magnetic maps? As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Columbus discovered the new world by sailing thousands of miles. Magellan led his fleet to sail around the world for the first time. The world is so big that everyone wants to see it.


Although most people don't like they have the material conditions of traveling around the world, but the power of scientific knowledge enriches our cognitive channels, through a magnetic map of the world, you can see the predecessors explored about the outline of the five continents four oceans, let a person can also be "through the picture to see big world", for children and adolescents, fresh things and display are more likely to stimulate their contact and use, growth of extra-curricular knowledge, cultivating interest. NEWLIFE magnetic map wall paste, try to use bold and bright color matching, break the dull. Use on household decoration to add a bit of freshness to the space. Hd picture quality, HP LATEX digital spray painting technology, using the closest thing to the original nature of things, to create a natural casual home atmosphere.

Customize magnetic map, implement new magnetic display system, help to explore more potential of the wall, open your new vision.